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I'm a product Designer with 7+ years of experience designing amazing websites, apps and brands for companies in Brazil, Ireland and North America and I'm passionate about the creative rewards the work brings, love breathes design culture and i'm curious by nature. Lately I have developed a deep appreciation of understanding people to create beautiful and intuitive interfaces and services that empower the user.​​​​​​​
• Competencies include design interface, user experience, information architecture, usability and responsive design. 
• Ability to create brands and campaigns. 
• Adept at Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Design Sprint and Design Thinking. 
• Extroverted, communicative and team player. 
• Experience with international clients.
• Languages: english and portuguese.
Product Designer / Reclame Aqui (Oct 2018 – Present) 
Reclame Aqui is a digital platform for monitoring the reputation of brands and companies, and is the #24 most visited site in Brazil (according to Alexa in 2018). As the Product Designer at the sustenance team, it's my job to make our best features faster and easier for anyone to use, applying design principles and methodologies.
• Creation of mockups, wireframes, prototypes for testing and validation of hypotheses.
• Responsible to create a design system to help reduce inconsistencies across our products.
• Guide brand alignment across marketing, product and development teams.
• Structuring a database of company files and introducing and incorporating new processes & workflows.
• Responsible for running a project sprint process, understanding the users pain points and bringing solutions to the team.

Lead UX&UI Designer / Liv Up (May 2018 – Oct 2018) 
As the Lead UX/UI Designer at the conversion team of LivUp, I work with developers and analysts to identify pain points, develop innovative solutions and implement features to building the best shopping experience for our customers.
• Create design like mockups, user flows, wireframes, interactive prototypes to communicate design ideas.
• Understand how users use our products and let them guide us to the best solutions, synthesising feedback and data into actionable insights.
• Introducing and embedding new processes & workflows.
• Establishing the design system, product handbook and the development of the branding.
• Organisation and structuring of company design files.
• Work with the tech team using agile approaches.
• Desenvolve, manage and mentor the product design team.
Product Designer / 2Mundos (Mar 2017 – Jun 2018) 
As a UX/UI Designer at 2Mundos I work with amazing Brazilian and North American brands in the education, health, games, and services field. 
• Wireframe, design e prototype to different platforms and screen sizes. 
• Create apps and websites from the scratch: participating since the planning to prototype, design, development and finally launch the product.
• Design apps using iOS Human Interface Guidelines and Android Material Design.
• Work with multiples projects and multidisciplinary teams using agile and sprint methodologies.
• Meeting clients and account managers for briefing and interpreting their real needs.
• Improve the product with tests and collect feedback to deliver user-centric and pixel-perfect interfaces.

Web Designer / LQDI Digital (Nov 2014 – Mar 2017) 
As a Designer at LQDI I work as a designer in a compact team, responsible for all the company's clients, with fast delivery of projects.
• Design of websites, landing pages and hotsites for desktop and mobile applications.
• Create templates for brand mailing and design periodical newsletters.
• Planning and creation of digital advertising campaigns for multiple platforms and social media.
• Brand creation and printed materials.
• Improved brand identity, aesthetics and online presence.
Web Designer / Agência KMC (Jul 2014 – Nov 2014) 
As a Web Designer at KMC Agency, I was part of a focused team with high performance to delivery websites, landing pages and hotsites for a several diferents clients.
• Creation of responsive layouts for websites, landing pages and hotsites for desktop and mobile applications.
• Responsible to create branding and printed material for different customers.
• Visual adaptation of websites for themes in Magento or Wordpress.
• Management and creation of content for social networks and elaboration of mail marketing.
• Treatment and editing of photos to e-commerces and printed advertising.

Visual Designer / Trilobit (Jan 2013 – Mar 2014) 
I started at Trilobit as an Assistant Designer and after a few months of hiring I ended up becoming the person in charge of the design department of the company, responsible for create and review printed and web materials.
- Creation of the company's visual identity manual and visual adaptation of all materials.
- Redesign and maintenance of the company website.
- Diagramation of documents, certificates, manuals, forms in general.
- Technical illustration for manuals, still photography and image processing.
- Management and creation of content for social networks and elaboration of mail marketing.
- Creation and preparation graphic material for printing.
- Illustration for posts and internal materials.

Designer / DirectWeb (Mar 2012 – Nov 2012) 
As a Designer Intern at DirectWeb, I worked in the multimedia sector in the creation of all digital and printed material internally and of clients, ensuring that all the pieces followed a pattern of visual identity.
- Branding creation for the new clients of the company and assist in the graphical reformulation of the services on display in the company.
- Layout creation for digital signage and events signs.
- Creation and adaptation of layouts for web applications (as magento, wordpress and company’s pages).
- Layout review and maintenance of websites and landing pages of the company.
- Participation in company meetings, and follow-up of studio recordings and external events.
- Small editions of audio and video and ideas for the creation of multimedia materials.
- Creation of content for Ads, social networks and webpages.

+ Product & Visual Designer / Studio Tarmann (2011 – Present) 
I work as an independent designer creating amazing websites, apps and brands for companies in Brazil, Ireland and North America. 
• Wireframe, prototype and high fidelity design to different platforms and screen sizes.
• Create apps and websites from the scratch participating since the planning products launch. 
• Design apps using iOS Human Interface Guidelines and Android Material Design.
• Understand client’s real needs and desires to create a new brand for the company.
• Desenvolve brand guidelines, product design system for companies and assist during the implementation. 
• Content creation for Ads, social networks and websites.
• Books, magazines and documents diagramation.
Bachelor's Degree - Graphic Design @ Universidade Anhembi Morumbi (2013 – 2016)
Technical Course - Multimedia  @ ETEC Jornalista Roberto Marinho (2011 – 2012)
Technical Course - IT @ ETEC Juscelino Kubitschek (2009 – 2010)

UX Design @ Udemy (Aug-Out 2018)
UX Design @ Mergo User Experience (Aug-Oct 2018)
Design System @ MEIUCA (Set 2018)
Information Architecture @ Udemy (Aug 2018)
Acessibility @ Mergo User Experience (Aug 2018)
Usability @ Mergo User Experience (Jun 2018)
Design Sprint @ Google Developer’s Launchpad (Jun 2018)

Design & Experience (DEX’18)
The Developer's Conference (TDC'18 SP)
Interaction Latin America (ILA'18)

Design System @ Movile
Acessibility @ Vivo Labs
Design System @ MEIUCA
Product Women @ Product Arena
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